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DeFi Revolution Unveiled

Thrupenny is the new DeFi ecosystem with a smart investment system and an in-built Derivatives Decentralized Exchange on the platform that is set to transform the current DeFi space.

Problems in the Current DeFi Space

Highly volatile interest rates as high as 15%

Highly volatile crypto prices leading to unexpected liquidation events

Overcollateralization of staked assets that greatly exceeds loan value

No optimal approach to protect Liquidity Providers from impermanent loss

Thrupenny DeFi


Flash Loan Arbitrage

Smart investments in margin trading by simultaneously buying and selling assets from different exchanges by scanning for arbitrage opportunities.

Yield Farming

An incentives system which rewards users for staking cryptocurrency that fuels the liquidity pool.

Fixed Interest Rates

Smart Contract-based pooled interest rate swap derivatives allowing users to swap out floating yields and lock in fixed yields.

Mitigate Overcollaterization

Pool smart contract that facilitates crypto asset pooling and deterministic calculation to balance interest rate and collateralization ratio.

Active Risk Management

Automatic derivative position origination scheme to actively hedge credit risk, interest rate risk and currency risk in the derivative marketplace.

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The Protocol that Defies Current DeFi Standards

Arbitrage Bot Automation System

The Thrupenny system introduces a no-code generation of DeFi arbitrage bots where can easily adjust the parameters of arbitrage bots to deploy them for finding arbitrage opportunities across numerous decentralized exchanges. Once the bots find the arbitrage opportunity, the smart contract will execute the arbitrage trades, repay the Flash Loan amount, all within a single transaction.

Asset Management System

An integrated yield farming mechanism which serves to incentivize liquidity providers (LPs) to contribute to the pool. As a reward distribution system, it distributes revenue generated on the platform to the LPs for providing the necessary funds and liquidity to the platform. The yield farming module is designed to ensure that the utilization rate of the liquidity pool is always in the optimal rate, ensuring optimization of the safety and return.

Thrupenny DEX

Derivatives marketplace attached to the protocol: The design of the DEX is based on the 0x protocol. It enables both users as well as the proxy risk management contract to open derivative positions in the system to hedge the risk.

Smart Interest Rate System

Thrupenny implements a Smart Contract-Based Interest Rate Swap (IRS) for interest rate derivatives, interest rate swap with a floating-rate position can be used to net out to a fixed-rate. This is used to stabilize interest rates and allow users to swap out their floating yields and lock in fixed yields.

Active Risk Management Scheme

A smart risk management contract programmed into the Thrupenny protocol will use the derivatives marketplace to hedge credit risk, interest rate risk and currency risk so that the user, or the financial institution, is only taking on selected risk. The contract monitors open positions, interest rates and collateralization ratio to make a calculated decision regarding the derivative position.

Thrupenny Governance

The Thrupenny protocol has incorporated decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) to allow community-driven decisions regarding the risk levels that the pool will assume.